CareDay Project


The Iron Yard Final Project

Team Leader, Python/Django Developer
(November 2015)

I'm a new dad and my wife and I were struggling to keep up with all the pieces of paper coming home from our son's daycare. I decided to build a solution. CareDay is a web application that allows childcare workers or stay-at-home parents to record daily events in a child's life.

CareDay streamlines tracking daily child activities, allows for easy retrieval, and reduces paper use. I guided a team of three developers using Agile practices to maintain constructive workflow. We used a Python/Django back-end with Django templates and JavaScript to manage the form-heavy application.


Experience at The Iron Yard

An enormous amount of information was covered during the 12-week Python Engineering program.
Below are some of the key concepts, techniques, and tools we covered.


I Learned the basics of Python 3.4 including classes, REST APIs, machine learning, databases, pandas, MatPlotlib, and iPython Notebook.


Worked extinseively with Git using the terminal and GitHub as a remote repository.


The Django framework was used to develop full stack web applications and REST APIs.


PostgreSQL was the database for local development, and also for deployment on Heroku.

Stack Overflow

I learned when and how to get help using the StackOverflow Q&A site.


I used Sass to style my final project and this website.

Prior Experience

While working at ATO Records I was part of the Radiohead "In Rainbows" DevOps team.

In Rainbows was self-released via in October 2007, followed by a traditional retail release by TBD Records/ATO in January 2008.

The album entered the U.S. chart at #1, and went on to be nominated for the Grammy for Best Album and won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album in 2009.

When the site launched it received an average of 50,000+ hits per day and peaked at almost 9000 visits a day.